We now offer a wide range of retreat days for primary school children
and staff who, through prayer, reflection, relaxation and spiritual guidance,
rekindle their journey of faith.

“Thank you so much for letting us stay here in your convent.
We hope you will be blessed by our gracious God for your love
shown to us.”

Lots of love   Summercamp


  • Reconciliation
  • Confirmation
  • First Holy Communion
  • Pentecost 
    Come Holy Spirit

Lent and Easter:

  • Turn back to God
  • A new heart
  • Jesus sets us free
  • God’s love for us – Stations of the cross

Advent and Christmas:

  • Let’s get ready
  • Be strong, be joyful
  • Living Jesus’ way every day
  • God’s love for us – Stations of the cross

Throughout the year:

God has done great things for us

God of our journey

We walk in Faith, Hope and Love

A Rainbow of Gifts – God with us

We carry God’s love – Light within us

Year 6: Leavers Day – Moving on