Why go on a Retreat?

“Retreat” has become a buzz word – it can mean anything from an afternoon’s picnic by the river to a month in a high mountain hut. And it no longer has a religious connotation, which is great. However it’s calling you, it is sure to have deeper content than an afternoon’s picnic, but won’t be quite as scary as a month in a high mountain hut. It may just be the need to find a quiet space to switch off. And it may be that something is stirring inside, a call to explore some questions more deeply.

Many people are no longer interested in religious forms that seem outdated and disconnected, yet there is still the need for a ‘container’ in which to connect to a deeper sense of meaning. With support along the way, a retreat can be that container. It can be healing and restoring, creative and fun. It can be a time for finding the courage to let go of things that no longer serve us or to become aware of what we are being drawn towards. A retreat can provide a place, a space a moment in time to allow a deeper exploration; to discover within a renewed sense of meaning; to experience a deeper sense of connection at the Centre of our being to the mystery at the heart of life – the Source, the Divine, God if you will. No matter which words you use or which spiritual path you pursue, whether from within a religious institution or without, what’s important is our willingness to be open more deeply and fully, in our heart, our mind and our body.

The retreat facilities and ‘tools’ are available to support and facilitate the process of being able to go beyond our familiar mind, with its logical and sometimes restrictive ways of seeing the world to a deeper, steadier and quieter place where new insight and inspiration can bring us more closely to our true identity, our true Self. From this more centered place we can return to find our fulfillment through participation in whatever way we have chosen to live out our lives.

The process of a retreat can have its ups and downs and sometimes it’s good to have support. A daily time can be set aside by mutual agreement to reflect together on the issues that are around, the way the retreat is unfolding and what ‘tools’ can be helpful. If you would like to reflect more deeply on the way your life is unfolding from a spiritual perspective, a regular meeting can be arranged. Usually monthly, it can be more or less frequent. It is a precious time for you to explore questions more deeply with someone who can support your desire to integrate spirituality with the whole of life.